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Research Interests

  • Functional data analysis
  • Inference in structured additive regression models
  • Bayesian regularization
  • (Nonparametric) Analysis of marked spatial point processes

Editorial Work


  • Co-author R-package refund:
    pffr(): Penalized additive regression for functional and scalar covariates and functional responses.
  • R-package spikeSlabGAM:
    Bayesian variable selection, model choice, and regularized estimation for (spatial) generalized additive mixed regression models via SSVS (stochastic search variable selection) with spike-and-slab priors.
  • R-package amer:
    Using lme4 to fit generalized additive mixed models. (This package was retired form CRAN since newer versions of lme4 (>0.999375-42) no longer offer a compatible interface.)
  • R-package negspline:
    Locally adaptive Bayesian P-Splines with Normal-Exponential-Gamma priors for Gaussian, Binomial and Poisson responses. package source, Windows binary
  • R-package RLRsim:
    implementing exact (Restricted) Likelihood Ratio Tests for variance components and nonparametric terms, with interfaces for models fit with nlme::lme(), lme4::lmer(), mgcv::gamm() or SemiPar:spm().


  • A. Bender, F. Scheipl, W. Hartl, A.G. Day, H. Küchenhoff (2017):
    Penalized estimation of complex, non-linear exposure-lag-response associations
    (under review.)
  • B. de Montera, D. El Zeihery, S. Müller, H. Jammes, G. Brem, H.D. Reichenbach, F. Scheipl, P. Chavatte-Palmer, V. Zakhartchenko, O.J. Schmitz, E. Wolf, J.P. Renard, S. Hiendleder (2008):
    Highly variable epigenomes in healthy adult bovine clones.
    Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 21:114-114.

Ph. D. Thesis

Diploma Thesis

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